Friday, June 24, 2011

A new chapter...

I picked an odd time to start writing a blog... June 24th 2011...I've never written a blog before. Why you ask? Today my best friend since jr high texted me and said happy 1 month till your birthday... That kinda hit me. I'm turning 20 next month and I started wondering... wow 20 years thats probably like a quarter of my life.. and what do I have to show for it?... uhhhh... not a whole lot. I graduated high school (barely) in 2009.... I got a better job, if you can call it that, I moved out of my parents house and bought myself a car... yay me?....No college or schooling after high school thus far. School and me never got a long to well for me school was a way for me to hang out with my friends every day. I never took school seriously and thats probably a big reason I'm not in college.

At any rate a lot has recently changed in my life.... Some for the good and some the not so great. at the end of April I moved out of my parents house and in with my room mate Samantha, my fun loving, yet responsible room mate (if she is reading this she is laughing right about now) Its been great having the freedom of being on my own and getting to see one of my best friends everyday is awesome... its basically girls night every night in our house. We get a long great and have a lot in common which is always good if you are going to move in with someone, at any rate.
Moving on to work.... ugh work. I work as a CSSR (customer service and sales representative) for an in bound call center for online shoppers... I work in the cosmetics department, yes I sell makeup, basically questions comments and or concerns about the website or the products come to me... Its not a very fun job, but I work with some awesome people which I'm sure at some point will be introduced, I get yelled and cursed at on a daily basis.. sometimes I just want to yell at these people and remind there that this is all over makeup.. just chill out. The reason I am still there is they pay pretty good and its a no brainer job. I'm sure that I will also, throughout the course of this blog rant and rave about work quite a bit.

To give a little more information as to why I am doing this,
Its mostly person I hope in a year that I will look back and feel like I've gotten somewhere, If people read this, then awesome if not thats cool to.

Basically as of now the most devastating change in my life is about to take place during the 2nd week in July.... My best friend and the man I thought I was going to marry... is leaving for boot camp for the USMC... I'm so proud of him and I know he will be amazing at it but.. I'm selfish and am not ready to watch my best friend leave... but that too is a whole in depth subject that I will never have enough time to get into....I'm starting to deal with the fact that this build up for the last year of him leaving is about to explode and then its goodbye forever, not something I am going to be looking forward to.... Everyone keeps telling me I will get through it and be ok... we will see... as I sit here the song "slow dancing in a burning room" is playing.. oh the irony of that song and my life... so thats the real reason I'm doing this... to show myself that I will get through this alright, who knows maybe within the course of a year I'll find true love and happiness...