Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Civil Wars

This duo... I cannot listen to a single song without getting chills.... There is a passion in their music that cannot be described unless you listen to their music.

Now I was under the impression that they were a couple, but if you listen to the lyrics of their songs you get a different idea. They are not a couple as I have come to find out, which is fine, but mind blowing to me that two people who are not together can perform with such passion and such crazy tight harmonies.

Their song Poison and Wine was used in an episode of Greys Anatomy and thats when they became more well known. I being behind the times and being one of the few, it seems like, that doesn't watch that show I was a little late to hear their music, I actually first heard it on Jango (a better version of Pandora) the first song that I heard by them was Barton Hollows, which was such a fiery song compared to the other songs they write. I was very drawn to their talent, its more vocally driven than musically driven which is something imo that is rare nowadays, most music now is very digitally enhanced, but you could hear that their music was not at all.

After reading up on them a little bit and watching some of their stuff on YouTube I was surprised to find out that their CD "Live at Eddie's Attic" was only the second time that they had ever preformed together, by the way that CD is free on their website. 

The way they blend and flow is insane to me, its like the same voice is split into a female and a male... odd I know but seriously go listen to them. If you have any appreciation for real talent they will blow your mind.

As far as genre goes, they are considered to be folk/country. Some of their songs do have a twangy sound, and the folk I think really comes from the fact that they only use a piano and a guitar, which they both play. I think it is probably pretty convenient for them, just the two of them, to tour, and by tour I mean get in a car and drive from place to place (OK obviously its a little more then that) but you get my drift.

Bottom line is you need to check out this duo, even if you do not like them, you should still be able to appreciate their music.

Music that calms my soul...

I am a huge music lover, some of you may already know that and some of you may have no idea...

I have been singing for as long as I can remember and I greatly enjoy listening to all different kinds of music, I will probably be reviewing a lot of music.

To start off with some basics about my love of music, the guidlines of my music listening are...


I listen to anything and a lot of everything, of course I have my favorite genres...

My favorite genres are as follows (in no order)

  • Country
  • Punk rock
  • Christian (contemporary)
  • Hardcore
  • Post-hardcore
  • Alternative
  • Vocal
  • Easy listening
  • Acoustic
  • Folk
As you will notice, some of the more popular genres are missing (Rap, Hip-hop, pop) not to say that I do not listen to them, just to say that I do not like a lot of it, as I think it is all the same and a lot of it is overdone. There are a few pop artists that I will probably mention at some point in time, so no one needs to go get their pannies in a wad and say "you said you didn't listen to that!"

I listen to what I listen to because it has meaning and I feel like it tells a story, a story not about sex or drugs, but about love and true passion about something you stand for.

Not to bash all mainstream music, but I will probably be reviewing music that is not so mainstream and over played.


So this blog is going to take a dramatic turn!

I have not blogged in a very long time, but I have a new job, a new schedule, a new home and a new out look on somethings.

So I will be making more time for this sort of thing, because I think it is going to be something to help me unwind, yes I do have two blogs so keeping up with this one and my other one may be a bit tricky, but it is something that I need, I think it is going to help me de-stress... so here we go!