Friday, April 27, 2012

Jimbo and the No Shows!

Local music: Something I love and support. So I figured why not do a blog post about a local band that it awesome and that I am very close to. My best friend James or Jimbo (depending on where you know him from) is the lead singer and founder of the band Jimbo and the No Shows (JNS)

The band has somewhat of a unique sound, that I can only describe as Indie, Southern rock... sounds weird I know. But just give them a listen!

The refreshing thing about this band is that they write their own music, Jimbo does most of the writing. The lyrics are very passionate and heartfelt. The bands stage presence is excellent and you can't help but enjoy watching them play and getting into the music right along with them. The favorite thing of the band is to play their original music as opposed to cover songs, which the cover songs most people play have been way over done anyways. You can definitely tell by the quality of the music that they are all very talented musicians. James alone has an incredibly long list of accomplishments, several years ago he started a band with Jason Michael Carroll, who is now a popular country artist. Just give JNS a listen and you will see why this band is so popular around here.

JNS is very active as far as playing shows, multiple shows a month, and tomorrow I am actually going with the band to a big music festival in Deland called DELANDAPALOOZA MUSIC FESTIVAL, if you are in the area you should come and check it out! It will be a great time. I will be doing some photography for the band so pictures to come on that.

I challenge you all to not only listen to the quality of music but also listen to the lyrics.


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