Friday, April 20, 2012

Nose Piercing =]

So if you know me at all you know I enjoy things of an edgier (more edgy?) nature so to speak, for example, tattoos, motorcycles, cigars, and piercings.

Two weeks ago I got my nose pierced and I am crazy about this piercing! Its super cute and believe it or not it hurt less then getting my ears pierced.

Ignore my bad makeup That was at the end of a long day that started at 6am. This was the same day I got it pierced so it was swollen still.

Over time the ring or stud in my case will start to make a natural indention in your skin so that it won't stick out so much.

I got my nose pierced at Tat2Times (same place I get my tattoos) the piercer there is Namen and he is excellent, very clean and professional and has great prices. One thing I will say that I find slightly annoying about this piercing, is that the initial stud they put it is very long so it will twist down and you can see the tip of the ring from the bottom of your nose... if that makes any sense. So here is me saying if you want your nose pierced but are scared of the pain or how it will look just do it, it doesn't hurt and if you get it and don't like it take it out.

At any rate I love it!

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